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The Ian Potter Foundation Children's Garden

The Ian Potter Foundation Children's Garden
The Ian Potter Foundation Children's Garden, located at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, is a magical place for children to discover the world of plants.

The tourism award-winning Children's Garden is full of interesting and interactive places to play and explore including:

The Meeting Place

Children should bring their swimming gear and be prepared to squeal with delight as water spouts from the ground.

The Ruin Garden

This is a world of lush rainforest vegetation where children can scramble over and under rock, dig in the sand mulch and construct cubbies.

The Wetland Area

A natural pond teeming with life and a place where children can experience insects and plants. Children can use tools such as nets, aquaspheres, microscopes and a library to take their learning further.

The Bamboo Forest

A magical place where the entire space is defined by bamboo. When in the bamboo forest the qualities of light, sound and texture all change.

The Gorge

Stepping stones lead visitors from the Meeting Place into the Gorge where children will be surrounded by large basalt shards and twisted Snow Gums. Mist periodically fills the space creating an atmosphere of mystery.

Plant Tunnels

The plant tunnels are a place where children can run, hide and play.

Children's Kitchen Garden

Children can get their hands dirty in the kitchen garden, an area that features interesting, unusual and common fruits, vegetables and herbs.

The Rill

Patterned to resemble an old river, water flowing along the rill has its beginnings in the rainforest, meanders through the lawn, and flows into the wetland pond. This spot is a popular place for children to play 'leaf' races.

Tree Tower

A new feature of The Ian Potter Foundation Children's Garden is the Tree Tower. Climb it and see the Garden from up high!

Birdwood Ave, South Yarra, VIC, AU

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